Do you ever feel intimidated by the word passion, and feel like if you could just find your passion, you’d have life all figured out? Things would really sort themselves out, and take off if only you could just find your dang passion? Where is it? Does everyone have a passion? How on earth do you find your passion? Let’s discuss!

What if I wasn’t born with a passion?

You know those people who are all, “At the age of three I knew I was born to…” Well, I am not one of those people. And really, for a long time I found those people annoying and completely intimidating. Like how do you know at age three what your passion in life is?! Really?! For many years, people who were living out their passions and dreams made me feel inadequate, like I must not have a passion because I had no idea what it was.

But…here’s what I’ve learned – you can have a passion from a very young age and that’s cool, and you can also develop a passion over time and grow into it. The latter describes my journey, which to be clear is definitely still a work in progress. I do think that qualifies me to share and help you start to think about what your passion might be.

A little more about my own journey

If I look back over the last decade to fifteen years…yes, it’s taken me that long to realize I do in fact have a passion. And that’s ok. Let’s just get that out of the way. It is ok I wasn’t born with a passion, and that I’ve taken many years to figure it out. This should give you hope that you can find your own passion as well.

And here’s the thing – as I look back, my passion was actually kind of staring me right in the face. I just didn’t really see it or know what to do with it. This might even be the case for you, too. But when I look back over the years, there is one strong theme. I like to teach people, and when I get to play a mentor role, well I basically light up and feel the most alive ever.

Teaching, mentoring and coaching

Teaching roles have taken form in a variety of ways, but most notably through dance. My dancing life started in high school (a late bloomer when it comes to dancing, like finding my passion – maybe another theme here) and in college I started coaching and teaching dance. I loved it. I enjoyed the dancing, but mostly I loved working with teens and kids and being a role model and mentor to them.

After my dancing career ended (because those don’t last very long for most of us), I moved into teaching barre fitness classes. Well, this is really where I started to hone my teaching, mentoring and coaching skills. From instructing clients, to training new teachers and mentoring them, I really started to feel like I was excellent at something I truly loved for the first time in my life. I felt alive, and I actually thought this was my calling for a while. I thought I’d open my own barre studio with a partner and transition out of my corporate accounting/finance career into something I was passionate about….but it didn’t work out.

Keep on keeping on

I kept teaching barre fitness though, and Justin and I started dating and then this little blog called Real Simple Good came to be. Yeah, you’re here a few years later at what is now called The Real Simple Good Life! RSG was my next teaching adventure, and The RSG Life has now evolved into what I think will be my favorite teaching role yet (ok, except for becoming a mom because I think that is the ultimate teaching and mentoring role).

My point here is that I didn’t arrive at my passion overnight, and it wasn’t an epiphany moment. It has evolved over time, and will continue to evolve in the future. I find myself choosing more and more to do things that are in line with what I love to do and expect in the future it will just become more and more focused and intentional. This, I think, is how most people find their passion. It’s not the “I knew I was born to….at three years old.”

So here are 5 tips for how to find your passion

  1. Stop judging yourself – first you really have to get out of the judging and critiquing mindset. Stop telling yourself “No” before you can even take action on any ideas you have. Just decide right now that you’re going to do an experiment and see what happens. There is no right or wrong, so get out of your head.
  2. Follow your curiosity – next up, start to think about what you’re curious about. Do you often daydream about some hobby or new skill you want to learn? Do you spend your weekends and free time working on a certain skill or hobby (this was me – teaching dance/fitness in my free time all the time)? What kinds of activities get you excited and feeling pumped? What did you love as a child that you’ve forgotten about?
  3. Go explore – whatever you are curious about, whatever activities get you excited, make you feel alive, etc….start to explore them. This is the part where you really get out of your head and start doing. Again, it’s an experiment, and there is no right or wrong. This is the play stage.
  4. Decide if your passion is a hobby or a career – for some people their passion might be best served as a hobby, something that fills your cup in your spare time and on weekends. For others, you might feel called to turn your passion into your career, just like we did. This part depends on whether you still enjoy your passion if it’s “work” and whether or not you can make a living by doing something you love. If you ask Justin and I, we’d say you can absolutely turn your passion into a career. We are living proof. It’s a lot of work though, and spending that much time working on something could make it less fun potentially.
  5. Go do more of what you love – whether you make it a career or a hobby, do more of what you love. Utilize your passion to make your life feel vibrant and full. The goal is to live better, right?!

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Time to find your passion

So, what do you think? Are you one of those people who knows what you born to do from a very young age? Or do you feel like you struggle to find your passion? Do you wonder if you even have a passion? Comment below, and tell us what you are going to do today to uncover or develop your passion!

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5 Tips: How To Find Your Passion