It seems like we are all our own harshest critics, constantly squashing our dreams before they even have the chance to take flight. But what if we approached how we treat ourselves differently? What if we fostered self-love and appreciation, rather than inner turmoil? In this post we will share how to create positive affirmations for success – in your life, relationships and business. We’ll also share some examples of affirmations we use in our own lives. Let’s dive in!

You go where your thoughts go

What you believe shapes who you are and who you become. This is cool, we promise. It means that if you change your beliefs, you can completely change your trajectory in life. Does it feel like life isn’t going quite how you hoped it would, or are you feeling stuck in a track you don’t love, hate your career, etc.? Sit down and start to examine your beliefs. Start to see patterns of thought, and get ready to re-wire your mindset!

Your current patterns + self-talk

Your current pattern – you might do it so often you don’t even notice, but take note. Catch yourself putting yourself down, and hear that little (or big) voice in the back of your head telling you that you are not enough, not smart enough, not brave enough or whatever it is. That voice has probably stopped you many times from making a positive change, taking a leap of faith or going out on a limb. That little voice has stopped you before you even started. 

Here’s the good news – it’s just a habit you’ve created, probably at a very young age that you’ve held onto for all these years. This habit is outdated though, it’s rooted in fear and it’s time to let go. It’s time to create a better habit instead. 

Enter affirmations

We use positive affirmations for success to promote a clear, confident mindset and to foster healthy self-talk. Because let’s be honest here, the above pattern is not healthy. It’s self-limiting and self-destructive. Let’s break the mold and live better! That’s what The Real Simple Good Life is all about!

How to create positive affirmations for success

Here are a few steps to create your own daily affirmations that will be meaningful and specific to your own needs. Your affirmations can directly relate to your health, your business, your relationships, etc. 

  • Start first with reversing your negative self-talk – think about the specific negative self-talk you have – now turn it into a positive statement. All of your affirmations should be stated in the positive. For example – the negative statement is “I am not enough,” and the positive statement is “I am worthy and enough.”
  • Think about where you want to go – your self-talk has been limiting, and you’re going to let it go. So, now you have all this extra space to think about your dreams, aspirations and purpose. Create a statement that encourages this. For example – “I am helping others live better by cultivating their own self-belief.” 
  • Make it simple, clear and specific – you want your affirmations to be really specific and not overly complicated. They are short sentences you can repeat to yourself as many times as needed throughout the day to keep you inspired and focused on the pursuit of your dreams. 
  • State your affirmations like you already live them – make your affirmation statements in the present – right here, right now. For example, rather than saying I want to work for myself and call my own shots, say “I am my own boss and I call my own shots.”
  • Write your affirmations down and say them to yourself daily – physically writing your affirmations down will make them more real to you, and to take it to the next level say them aloud to yourself. If that feels a little too out of your comfort zone at first, no worries. Just start by saying them to yourself in your head. 
Justin and Erica Winn sitting on a couch together. Erica smiling at Justin and Justin smiling looking forward.

What will your positive affirmations be?

We hope this post is helpful, and that you take some tips away to create your own affirmations. Tell us in the comments below – what will your positive affirmations for success be? We’d love to hear how you’re using affirmations to improve your self-talk and create a sense of inner calm that helps you live better. Also, share about it on Instagram, and tag us @realsimplegood and #TheRSGLife so we can check it out! Make sure to give us a follow if you don’t already – let’s stay connected! 

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