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Instant Pot Honey Garlic Chicken (Paleo, GF + Refined Sugar-Free)

For busy weeknights, cooking with the Instant Pot is a good idea to keep dinners mostly hands-off and easy. This Instant Pot honey garlic chicken is a great make-ahead meal prep recipe. We provide slow cooker instructions too, so you can make this recipe either way!

Meal Prepping Over The Weekend

It’s no secret, we are chronic meal planners. Both Justin and I are very routine and habit based, and we love having our meals all planned out in advance, shopped for and prepped to the extent we have time. It just makes the week go so much smoother, and makes us feel like we are able to just enjoy one another in the evenings rather than hustling to figure out what’s for dinner and then run to grab ingredients, etc. By the time we get to Monday, it’s all taken care of and pretty much smooth sailing for the week, at least when it comes to food! Recipes like this Instant Pot honey garlic chicken are perfect for meal prep because you can easily turn it into a lunch or dinner as needed during the busy week.

Vertical overhead image of holding bowl for honey garlic chicken with chopped green onion sprinkled on top.

Lunch Or Dinner – It Doesn’t Even Matter

We love the versatility of this honey garlic chicken. It’s super easy to pair with just about any veggie, greens and even plain white rice if you tolerate it (or cauliflower rice). Here’s an example of a simple way to use it as the protein in a pretty typical bowl at our house – use mixed leafy greens (or any greens of your liking), some pickled veggies (we used green beans from Justin’s mom) and avocado with that yummy Everything But The Bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s! If you haven’t tried that seasoning yet, just do it! You will wonder how you ever lived without it! We ran out of sauerkraut, otherwise I would have added a big pile of that on there too, but we ran out…so you know real life stuff. You can use whatever greens and veggies you have on hand. Leftover roasted veggies would be great, too!

Angled close up image of instant pot honey garlic chicken in bowl with green onion on top and serving spoon dug into bowl in the background.

Instant Pot Or Crockpot

We love our Instant Pot since it cuts down on cooking times, but this honey garlic chicken can also be made in the crockpot just as easily. Use whichever you have or prefer. Either way, you will end up with delicious shredded chicken that you can use to pair with whatever veggies, greens or sides you prefer! I’m thinking now that it would be a great one to stuff sweet potatoes or squash with. I’m making a mental note to try that out real soon!

Close up overhead shot of honey garlic chicken in a bowl with chopped green onion sprinkled on top. Serving spoon is dug into bowl.

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Your Turn To Try Our Instant Pot Honey Garlic Chicken

Go ahead and bust out either your Instant Pot or Crockpot and make this honey garlic chicken! Then, take a photo and show us what you paired it with. Tag us on Instagram @realsimplegood, so we can see! Also, let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. And make sure to give us a follow if you don’t already – let’s stay connected!

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Instant Pot Honey Garlic Chicken Recipe (Paleo, GF + Refined Sugar-Free)

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Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 35 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Course: Main Course
Servings: 6
This Instant Pot honey garlic chicken is a great make-ahead meal prep recipe! It’s quick, easy and also Paleo, Gluten-Free, Soy-Free and Refined Sugar-Free.
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  • 3 lbs boneless skinless chicken thighs
  • 1/2 cup coconut aminos
  • 1/4 cup raw honey
  • 2 tbsp fish sauce
  • 1 tbsp white vinegar
  • 1 tsp sesame oil
  • 1 tsp fresh ginger, grated on a microplane
  • 4 cloves garlic, minced
  • 2 green onions, diced (the white and green parts are used in separate steps – green parts to garnish when you serve)
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  • Place chicken in the bottom of the instant pot.
  • In a bowl whisk together the coconut aminos, honey, fish sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, ginger, garlic and the white parts of the green onions.
  • Pour the sauce mixture on top of the chicken. Cook in the instant pot on the manual setting for 22 minutes. Alternatively, you can cook in the crockpot on high for 3 hours or on low for 6 hours. 
  • Manually release the instant pot. Once the pressure has released, remove the lid and shred the chicken with two forks. 
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Instant Pot Honey Garlic Chicken (Paleo, GF + Refined Sugar-Free)

43 thoughts on “Instant Pot Honey Garlic Chicken (Paleo, GF + Refined Sugar-Free)

  • Soooo Gooood!!! Thanks for this great recipe. Turned out great. Whole family loved it. Will make often. Good over rice, if not doing AIP or Paleo. I added a splash of sesame oil (AIP reintro) in my bowl at the end with the scallions – so good! Super easy to make. Def recommend.

  • This was such a quick recipe that was loved by my whole family. My husband is slightly obsessed with it! I served it on roasted broccoli and green beans. AMAZING! This will definitely be in the constant rotation.

  • Yesterday I realized I forgot to marinate the chicken for dinner so looked online and found this recipe – had all the ingredients (well the ones I could eat) and so decided to give it try… I plopped in the frozen chicken breasts (4) and then the sauce ingredients (subbing ACV for white vin, omitting the sesame oil (AIP not allowed) and excluded the green onions (didn’t have on hand)) into the IP and an hour later I had dinner on the table and everybody LOVED it!! I shredded the chicken and mixed into the sauce and served with roasted broccoli and caulifower – easiest dinner ever!!

  • So good! I make this one regularly – the flavors never get old. Plus, you can modify it slightly to focus on different flavors. Super good with brussel sprouts!

  • This recipe is AMAZING! Honestly, it might be my favorite. I could eat it everyday, can’t wait to make it again!

  • I have made this recipe a dozen times in a handful of months. It’s incredible, easy and versatile. I have also shared with so many people who concur it’s a WINNER! It does leave some extra liquid behind as a previous poster noted, but after we shred it, we just put it back int pot to soak up the goodness and it enhances the flavor! Leftovers are even better.

  • One of our new faves! So much flavor, and because it’s done in the crock pot, it’s super easy too! Just put it in and walk away! This one will be in our rotation for a while!

  • Did I miss something? It says you’ll use both parts of the onions, but I only see where it uses the white part.


  • We love this recipe! So so easy and full of flavor. It’s even my 12 year old’s favorite meal currently 🙂 WIN!
    Thanks for a delicious, healthy, and simple recipe!

  • This was fabulous. Thank you!

    However I find the the instant pot recipes call for such huge amounts.

    I’m a complete novice with this. I have half the amount of chicken (1.5lbs), so I’ll halve the amount of ingredients and do I halve the amount of cooking time? Or is this where I press the poultry button and it calculates it accordingly?

    I’ve no idea how to go ‘off piste’ with cooking times… any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Also, I’m confused, are we supposed to shred the chicken? It doesn’t say to do so in the recipe. I put the chicken thighs in whole (the way the came at the store).

  • What does ‘manual’ release mean? Are we supposed to do instant release or natural? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi there! Manual release is the same as instant release, so once the IP timer goes off release the pressure. Also, please see step #4 in the instructions. You shred the chicken once it has cooked in the IP right before serving. Hope that helps!

  • Just finished this in the instant pot. Super easy recipe and fantastic chicken! I added half julienned green pepper and half a brown onion cut the same way, and sprinkled some coarse sea salt and fresh ground black pepper so it would look like I knew what I was doing. I strained it after deboning and shredding the chicken, made one more pass for cartilage or bone pieces, and it’s soaking in the leftover sauce – ready to go for tomorrow.

    Thanks for the recipe!


  • This is so good! But I think 2 tbsp of fish sauce is a bit excessive- atleast it was for me!! Next time I will do only 1 tbsp. Otherwise its super good! Thank you for sharing!!

  • Fantastic! Make this, you will not be dissappointed. Added a little siracha when serving. Love it, adding to our favroites.

  • I just made this dish and found the liquid didn’t cook in very well. There is plenty of liquid but the chicken is somewhat bland. The sauce has a great taste but I would have loved for it to cook into the chicken better. I’m wondering if perhaps it needed to cook longer— in the recipe above, the cook time is listed as 35 minutes up top but in step 3, the cook time is written as 22 minutes, which do you usually follow?

    Thank for your sharing!

    • We noted the cook time as 35 minutes because it takes a little over 10 minutes for the IP to come to full pressure. Setting it for 22 minutes should be fine. Sorry to hear that your chicken didn’t turn out as you would have liked. Did you shred the chicken in the IP? That’s what we do and we also spoon some of the juices from the IP onto the chicken when serving. That gives it some extra flavor. You could also marinate the chicken in the sauce if you’d like to “set in” the flavor better. Thanks for trying our recipe and leaving a comment!

  • This was delicious! I didn’t have fish sauce so I used oyster sauce instead but it was still fantastic to me! Next time I’ll try it your way, with fish sauce. Thank you for sharing!

  • This is fantastic! Makes quite a bit more than I needed since it’s just two of us, but we noshed on it for lunch for days. I would happily serve this for company.

    • That’s great to hear! So glad you guys enjoyed it! We love making it for the two of us as well just to have something on hand in the fridge for lunches/leftovers. Thanks so much for trying this one out! 🙂

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