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Seasonal Meal Plans – How It Works

Real Simple Good Meal Plans – It’s so easy!

With our thoughtful and analytical approach to creating meal plans, we have cut out as much of the grunt work and decision making as possible to ensure eating healthier is easier than ever! We provide you with the tools you need for a seamless week of eating and feeling well.

What each weekly meal plan includes:

  • An organized grocery shopping list – all the ingredients you need for the meals
  • Recipes that give you prep and cook steps – flexible so you can prep as much or as little in advance as you have time for
  • Make ahead section so you can have your breakfast, snack and dessert prepared before the week starts


  • 4 dinner recipes – one of which is a larger meal to have leftovers on hand
  • 1 breakfast – ideal for making ahead to reheat throughout the week
  • 1 simple snack idea – to have on hand for when hunger strikes
  • 1 clean dessert recipe – to curb any sweet cravings and stay on track


The Grocery List

The grocery list includes everything you will need to make the meals on the meal plan. Each ingredient is labeled with the meal it corresponds to just in case you wanted to omit any meals. Head to the grocery store and check the items off as you load them in your cart.

The Recipes

Each of the dinner recipes is broken down into two pieces – prep steps and cook steps. The prep steps are the things you can do in advance to make cooking dinner during the week easier, like chopping veggies or making a seasoning blend.

Then, the cook steps are what it takes to get the meal on the table, starting right where the prep steps ended.

You can do as much prep in advance as you’d like, or you can prep and cook all at the same time. Whatever works best for you!

The Make Ahead Section

We also include a make ahead breakfast, dessert and snack. We’ve found that our subscribers are most successful eating healthy all week when they make these three items in advance to have on hand for easy access during the week.

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