Why you’ll love this delicious mocktail

  • It looks as good as it tastes! The deep-red grenadine syrup sinks to the bottom for that classic red sunrise look.
  • With only two ingredients, it’s a quick and easy drink that also tastes delicious.
  • It’s the perfect mocktail for parties or gatherings, just grab the ingredients and your guests can make their own.
  • It’s the easiest layered drink to make, just pour the grenadine in and let it sink to the bottom!

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How to make a virgin sunrise mocktail (step-by-step)

It’s really as easy as 1-2-3! Just follow these steps:

Fill a glass with ice.
Add orange juice until it’s mostly full.
Option 1 – Tilt the glass and pour grenadine syrup down the side to get a distinct red layer at the bottom.
Option 2 – Pour grenadine syrup directly over the top. This will result in a more “mixed up” look.

Variations and garnish

  • Juice – Pineapple or peach juices also work well for this mocktail. Or a mixture with orange juice. Either way, you’ll get a similar-looking drink with a different flavor.
  • Garnish – An orange wedge, orange peel or cherry are popular garnish choices for this drink.
  • Bubbly – If you like a bubbly drink, you can add some sparkling water or club soda.
  • Blend it – Add all of the ingredients to a blender if you’d like! The color will turn out kind of pink overall, but it tastes great.

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Orange sunrise mocktail in a jar with a straw coming out and orange peel garnish.
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Sunrise Mocktail (2 Ingredients!)

This easy virgin sunrise mocktail is the perfect sweet and tasty drink! Easy to make with only 2 ingredients, your guests will love this beautiful, eye-catching mocktail!


  • 3 oz ice, (optional, if desired)
  • 4 oz orange juice
  • 1 oz grenadine syrup, (approximate, use as little or as much syrup as desired for look/taste)
  • orange wedge, (optional garnish)


  • If using ice, add the ice to a cup.
  • First, pour in the orange juice, filling the glass about 3/4 full.
  • Next, pour in the grenadine.
    Option 1: For a more layered look, tip the glass and pour the syrup directly down the side of the glass. This will result in a more distinct red "layer" at the bottom.
    Option 2: Pour the grenadine all over the top of the orange juice and it will gradually sink to the bottom. This will result in a more "mixed" look of orange and red.
  • Serve immediately with an orange wedge if desired.

Last Step:

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Sunrise Mocktail (2 Ingredients!)Sunrise Mocktail (2 Ingredients!)