This is the fourth post in a series of six where we are telling the story behind The Real Simple Good Life. We are outlining the core principles that guide our healthy lifestyle – what we call our roots. You can read the introduction to this series here.

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Our roots are the core areas we want to explore and focus on to help you build the foundation to live better. The more you focus on these areas, the deeper your roots can grow, building the structure and support system to allow you to live better. Our roots are:

Why we chose mindset as one of our roots

We chose mindset as one of our roots because we’ve learned first hand just how powerful our minds can be not only to propel us forward, but also to help us to carry on in the midst of grief, pain and uncertainty, and to be our source of strength to lift ourselves and others up again and again.

If you ever feel ruled by your thoughts, you’re not alone. The thoughts and ideas we consume from the outside world and from our inner dialogue drastically affect how we go about life. Whether you recognize it or not, it’s true. You are ruled by your thoughts and beliefs. And when you start to pay attention to the types of information you let your mind chew on, you will see it has the power to lift you up, or drag you down. Living better is all about fostering that feeling of lifting yourself and others up, and how you cultivate and nurture your mindset plays a huge role in this.

Lastly, we know mastering your mindset is work. It’s tough, sometimes painful work. It is also rewarding and powerful. It can completely change your life – the day to day stuff and also the long-term big hairy goals you want to achieve. And for that reason, we hope to help make this area of your life one where you excel!

How mastering your mindset can help you live better

Simply, what you believe shapes who you are and who you become. This is cool, we promise. It means that if you change your beliefs, you can completely change your trajectory in life. Does it feel like life isn’t going quite how you hoped it would, or are you feeling stuck in a track you don’t love, hate your career, etc.? Sit down and start to examine your beliefs. Start to see patterns of thought, and get ready to re-wire your mindset! Change your mindset, change your life and live better!

Content we will develop to help this root grow

We will weave our own journeys of working to master our mindsets, and we will share tips for mastering your own. You’ll see content that revolves around:

  • Beliefs
  • Gratitude
  • Taming fear
  • Gaining clarity – on your goals, on your beliefs, etc.
  • Building confidence
  • Being present
  • Living intentionally
  • Developing a passion
  • Goals
  • Alignment
  • And much more

Let’s Live Better

We strongly feel mastering your mindset will help you live better. Training your mind to work for you (rather than against you) can be a game changer for your overall health and well being. 

Are you looking to make changes in your life to live better? Do you want incorporate a healthier mindset into your life for health, personal, medical or other reasons? Share your story in the comments below and be part of the Real Simple Good Life Community!

Finally, what are you going to do today (because today is really all we have) to start exercising your mindset and commit to live better? Let us know in the comments below! Let’s dive in, and live better together!

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