Crush Whole30 with this Easy Meal Plan

We know from experience that completing a Whole30 is daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.

To help make your Whole30 a lot easier, we created a printable 2-person Whole30 meal plan with all of the recipes and grocery shopping lists you need for the entire Whole30

To see what’s in our meal plan, check out the weekly summaries.

Creamy tuscan chicken in skillet with crush the whole30, an easy + organized printable 30 day meal plan with shopping lists text overlay

Our Whole 30 meal plan includes:

  • A super organized, printable meal plan download for each week of your Whole30
  • Easy to follow recipes with time-saving prep instructions
  • Printable grocery shopping lists for each week
  • Whole30 Starter kit resources, such as pantry swaps and helpful kitchen products
  • Pantry and freezer stocking recommendations
  • Tips, advice and clarifications on Whole30 rules
  • Ongoing email support from Erica and I (ask us any questions)
  • A 100% hassle-free Whole30!

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**Reminder: Our Whole30 meal plan is designed to serve two people.**

Whole30 meal plan user testimonials

Check out testimonials from real-life readers who followed our Whole30 meal plan.

We’ve included these to show you that you can do it!

Doing a Whole30 isn’t as hard as it seems if you use our helpful and organized meal plan.

We loved using The Real Simple Good Life’s Whole30 recipes and meal plans.
I don’t know how we would’ve made it through the program without these perfectly curated plans – not only were there recipes, but they also provided shopping lists too, which were beyond convenient considering we were buying many items that weren’t normally on our grocery list. Thanks so much to Justin and Erica for making this so simple and accessible for us!

Absolutely amazing!
If you are on the fence about Whole30 this meal plan is a game changer!
My husband and I were overwhelmed by all the rules and trying to find what is compliant without getting bored of eating the same thing every day. Real Simple Good to the rescue! We loved every meal and really never felt like we were missing out on anything. The food was so flavorful and the weekly emails really spelled out how to get everything done without getting overwhelmed.

5 Stars…10/10….AMAZING!
The Whole30 is challenging and having a meal plan put together with easy and delicious recipes was amazing.
Also, having the shopping list for the week on top of it made things super simple. At the time we did the meal plan my husband and I were both working full time. It helped us to do shopping and food prep on the weekends so we’d have week worth of meals planned. Very easy! Going on whole30 with Justin and Erica became our lifestyle. Even after 30 days. We still cook and use their recipes and love it! And we love that it’s a free resource! Thank you!!!
Thank you so much for providing me with the meal plans!
They were tasty and made it easy to make my whole30 a success! I always thought that if someone could just tell me what to eat then I would actually lose the weight…well you made that possible for me.  From the helpful emails to the grocery shopping lists and what to make ahead- everything was well thought out and appreciated! I would feed my family the dinner and sometimes they wanted some of the breakfast as well. My kids and husband loved it!

Our Whole30 experience saves you time

When doing a Whole30, you don’t need any added work or stress.

Who wants to spend time figuring out the Whole30 rules, finding compliant recipes and ingredients and organizing a meal plan for the week?

Instead, why don’t you just print off our weekly meal plan and shopping list?

To save time, the plan is portioned perfectly to utilize leftovers for most of the lunches. It also has make-ahead breakfasts that save you time because you don’t have to cook every single meal each day.

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Our helpful emails guide you through the entire Whole30

We started creating free Whole30 meal plans and recipes several years ago, and we’ve been asked a lot of questions from our meal plan users over the years.


  • Is ingredient xyz Whole30?
  • Where do I find compliant bacon and sausage?
  • What do I put in my coffee in the morning?
  • Can I have snacks on the Whole30?
  • What do I do if I can’t eat eggs?

We’ve addressed all of these questions (and more!) in our email series. We also provide you with access to all of our resources, tools, advice and guidance in an easy to digest email format.

Some other Whole30 Resources

In addition to this Whole30 meal plan, we’ve put together a collection of other helpful Whole30 resources:

Here’s the complete meal plan

See the delicious meals you have in store for your Whole30, week by week. You can click the links to see the recipes and get an idea of what you’ll be eating!

When you sign up, each recipe will be sent to you directly in our weekly printable download.

Whole 30 Meal Plan – Week 1

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

  • Breakfast: Chorizo Breakfast Hash (Leftovers)
  • Lunch: Creamy Bacon Chicken Skillet (Leftovers)
  • Dinner: Ground Beef Taco Bowls

Day 7

  • Breakfast: Simple Scramble
  • Lunch: Ground Beef Taco Bowls (Leftovers)
  • Dinner: Pork Lettuce Wraps

* MAKE AHEAD OPTION – Prep these meals over the weekend to have on hand for warming up quickly during the week.

This creamy bacon mushroom skillet is our favorite recipe in the Week 1 meal plan.

Whole 30 Meal Plan – Week 2

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

Day 6

Day 7

* MAKE AHEAD OPTION – Prep these meals over the weekend to have on hand for warming up quickly during the week.

This bacon sweet potato frittata is a hearty Whole30 breakfast that will fill you up.

Whole 30 Meal Plan – Week 3

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

  • Breakfast: Shakshuka Breakfast Bowl (Leftovers)
  • Lunch: Chipotle Beef Burger Bowls (Leftovers)
  • Dinner: Cajun Shrimp Salad

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

  • Breakfast: Curry Scrambled Eggs (Leftovers)
  • Lunch: Pork & Pear Stuffed Squash (Leftovers)
  • Dinner: One Pan Steak Dinner

* MAKE AHEAD OPTION – Prep these meals over the weekend to have on hand for warming up quickly during the week.

This Cajun shrimp salad is ready in 15 minutes for a quick Whole30 lunch.

Whole 30 Meal Plan – Week 4

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 5

  • Breakfast: Sausage & Sweet Potato Hash (Leftovers)
  • Lunch: Chicken w/creamy sauce (Leftovers)
  • Dinner: Simple Steak Salad

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

  • Breakfast: Chorizo Casserole (Leftovers)
  • Lunch: Sheet Pan Chicken & Squash (Leftovers)
  • Dinner: Mini Burger Bowls

* MAKE AHEAD OPTION – Prep these meals over the weekend to have on hand for warming up quickly during the week.

This easy slow cooker pulled pork is a recipe you’ll make again and again after your Whole30 is over.

The organized meal plan format

Here’s what the printable plan and shopping list look like:

Image of printable Whole 30 Meal Plan with recipes
Image of printable Whole 30 Meal Plan shopping list

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Frequently Asked Questions about Whole30

What can I eat on Whole30?

Meat, seafood, and eggs; vegetables and fruit; natural fats; and herbs, spices, and seasonings. Foods with a simple or recognizable list of ingredients, or no ingredients at all because they’re whole and unprocessed.

What is off limits on a Whole30?

Sugar, alcohol, grains, dairy, most legumes, MSG, sulfites, carrageenan. No “baked goods” and don’t step on a scale for 30 days.

Can I have snacks during Whole30?

Snacks should be limited, but they are allowed. Here’s a listing of 30 healthy Whole30 snacks.

What do I put in my coffee on Whole30?

Coconut milk, almond milk, cashew milk or Whole30 approved creamers like Nutpods.

Can I have popcorn on Whole30?

No. Popcorn is made from a grain (corn) and grains are not allowed on a Whole30.

What is the Whole30 reintroduction?

This is the period after your Whole30 where you reintroduce restricted foods like grains, dairy and alcohol back into your diet. Here is a post all about the Whole30 reintroduction.

Any other Whole 30 Questions?

If you have any other questions about our meal plan or the Whole30 in general, just leave a comment below.

We read and answer every comment, so you’ll hear back from us soon!

40+ Whole30 Recipes: Easy Taco Bowls

4.9 from 184 votes
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Course: Main Course
Servings: 3
Ground beef taco bowl recipe filled with beef, cauli rice, spinach and all your favorite toppings. Also, an easy and organized Whole30 meal plan with 40+ recipes and everything you need to master the Whole30 – recipes, shopping lists, tips, resources and more!
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  • 1 green pepper, diced
  • 1/2 onion, diced
  • 1 lb ground beef
  • 1 batch taco seasoning (linked below in recipe)
  • 2 cups riced cauliflower
  • Salt and pepper
  • Salsa, avocado, tomatoes, olives, and any other toppings you love
  • Spinach + cabbage (or your favorite greens)
Want more recipes like this?


  • In a large skillet, over medium heat, add your green pepper and onions to the pan. Cook until the onions are translucent.
  • Add your ground beef. Break it up and stir everything around. Continue to cook on low to medium heat, depending on your stove.
  • While the meat is cooking, toss the cauliflower rice on the stove in a medium sized skillet, over medium heat. Season with salt and pepper. It will cook in just a few minutes. I like to cover my pan so it speeds up the cooking a bit and kind of steams the cauliflower rice.
  • When the ground beef is just about done, add your taco seasoning and stir until the ground beef, green peppers, and onions are coated.
  • When the ground beef is finished cooking, turn off the heat. Turn off the heat on the cauliflower rice, and start making your bowls.
  • Add a bunch of your favorite greens to your bowl first. We use spinach and/or kale usually depending on what is in the fridge. Then add your cauliflower rice next. The ground beef goes on top of the rice. Then add your favorite toppings. We like to put cabbage, fresh tomatoes, olives, avocado, salsa and homemade chipotle aioli.
  • Get to eating these bowls up! They are bursting with flavor and are filling too!
Tried this recipe?Take a picture and tag @realsimplegood so we can see it!

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Fork lifting spaghetti noodles out of a bowl with text overlay of insanely easy whole30 meal plan
Crush Whole30 with this Easy Meal PlanCrush Whole30 with this Easy Meal PlanCrush Whole30 with this Easy Meal PlanCrush Whole30 with this Easy Meal PlanCrush Whole30 with this Easy Meal Plan

177 thoughts on “Crush Whole30 with this Easy Meal Plan

  • The Whole 30 meal plans have been a life saver during my Whole 30! I haven’t made every recipe each week (mostly breakfast options) because I have been able to stretch out the meals during the week. I have yet to make anything I didn’t like and have discovered many new flavors! Thanks so much for putting this together for overwhelmed, non-imaginative culinary people like me!

  • The only reasons why I did not give this 5 stars are due to the amount of prep work and cleanup time, and I found the prep times longer than stated. The recipes are good, and the planned menus and shopping lists are great. The second menu plan was better than the first. We do them back to back.

    • Thanks for taking the time to share your review! We appreciate it. And agreed…it does take some time to prep and cook, but our hope is that the time invested in being prepared helps people to feel and be more successful! Thanks again!

  • This website and meal planning support made my first whole30 so manageable in January 2020 that we did another one in November 2020. Thank you for all of the work that you do.

  • I really like this meal plan. Because there is so much food in each recipe and there are only 2 of us, I have stretched out the plan. I am on week 2 recipes but in my 4th week of the plan. I will continue to use Whole 30 because I feel better and am healthier. My daughter got me started on Whole 30 two years ago. We usually do the whole 30 plan in January. But because of covid and being stuck at home, I felt it was time to begin whole 30 before the holidays. Thank you so much!

  • The meal plan and organization is perfect! You’ve made my life so much easier and we love all the recipes. So thankful we found you both! Thank you for sharing and helping my family be healthier.

  • I followed this plan last year and it was basically fool proof. I learned a lot from doing it and still use some of the techniques and methodologies I learned from following it. Forewarning: it’s a decent amount of work, but imagine how much more it would be if you didn’t have it all laid out this way

  • These meal plans were a lifesaver. I honestly loved every single meal, especially those from week one, when I needed great tasting meals to ensure I stuck with the program. Thank you so much for the clear effort you put into these amazing meals.

  • Love their recipes! So many of them appeal to a broader audience (non Whole 30 people). I am an “advanced” cook, but I was impressed that the recipes are easiest enough for “beginners” to make and hopefully develop a life long love of cooking. I look forward to futures offerings; thanks guys!

  • Not only are the recipes in this Whole 30 meal plan delicious but they are easy to make. The shopping list and tips for what to prep ahead are brilliant. Even though the rest of my family wasn’t following the Whole 30 they had the dinners along with me every night and loved them!

  • Justin & Erica’s Whole 30 Meal Plans have seriously saved my household during this pandemic! Working the frontline, then coming home to a house always-occupied, derails your meal prep & often we find ourselves seeking comfort in sweets. I have longed for an easier option, of feeding everyone healthy, homemade meals, but no certified gluten free options exist in our area. These meal plans made made shopping, prepping & cooking meals safe & so easy! They make hearty portions, & each one, literally has everyone saying various variations of ‘Holy this is tasty!!!’ They will be on repeat in our home. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to review, as I tell my spouse daily, I need to send Erica & Justin a thank you card.

    • WOW! Thanks so much for this thoughtful message! We are so happy to hear that our meal plans have been helpful for you and your family. Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy life right now to share your rating and review. We are so grateful! And thank you for working on the frontline during this pandemic. Stay safe. And let us know if there is ever anything else we can do to help you and your family.

  • We started with your Whole30 Meal Plan in 2017, mainly because I was looking for a system to lighten my work load of menu and food purchase planning. Since then we have purchased and followed your Paleo seasonal menu plans and quickly found your menus and recipes very compatible to our style of living.

  • I would not have made it through my first Whole30 with out the help of Real Simple Good. Justin and Erica put in the hard work of researching qualifying products and where they can be purchased. Increase your chance of success with less hassle and delicious recipes, that I guarantee you will use after you complete your Whole30. Totally recommend using Real simple Good!

  • I wasn’t doing a Whole30 specifically or stringently, but it’s a way of cooking and eating at home that I love and I am always looking for new recipes and ways to make things easier and more efficient. Somehow in a recipe search, I stumbled on Real Simple Good and though it looked full of simple recipes, so I tried it. Boy, was I surprised! I would say 90% of the meals were a huge hit in my family, which is a tough satisfaction rate to meet! I loved the pre-prep suggestions and how well the plan was laid out. Great job on this! We are very happy and will likely purchase other plans!

  • Hello! I just wanted to come back and leave a positive review for this Whole30 plan and ENCOURAGE YOU to utilize this very helpful resource! The printables were SO helpful for me during Whole30 last September, and I’ve continued to use the printables since, in addition to the recipes! My colleague also used RSG Whole30 plan and recipes and we would often share which recipes we were going to cook for the week with each other. I don’t believe either one of us stuck to the exact plan, however we did use the majority of the recipes! The breakfast frittatas were my favorite, in addition to the creamy brussels chicken skillet! The serving sizes were perfect for me as I would use them for food prep the majority of the week, or freeze some as I live alone! To be honest, I never got tired of eating the same thing as the recipes are THAT good. Definitely use RSG for your Whole30 plan… or just in general for healthy meals! I honestly have shared their recipes with SO MANY friends and family. Thank you RSG for treating us with your gift of food artistry!!! x

  • Thank you, Justin and Erica, for the wonderful Whole 30 plan. We did the entire meal plans a couple of years ago with great success. The plan was easy to use and everything was sooo good! In fact, we still use many of your recipes today.

  • Thank you for this great Whole30 resource! Lots of great recipes! As a busy mom, I find it hard to find time to meal plan and this makes it easier!

  • Because of your Meal Plan, things have suddenly become so easy for me while following the Whole30. Constantly following this dieting plan is a bit daunting and challenging. However, I am taking help from the Our Paleo Life website to tackle all of the incoming challenges. This source is helping me in following this diet plan in an organized manner.

  • I just signed up for your meal plan. All of it looks good and it will definitely save me time from planning it all out on my own. I like to buy bulk and plan ahead, is there a way I can get all 4 weeks now?

  • I was a little intimidated by Whole 30. I work long hours and wasn’t sure I had the time to devote to such a limited/different diet than what I was used to. This meal plan completely took the guess work away and I was amazed at how easy it was. I look and feel great and honestly it is so much easier than trying to find my own healthy recipes. I would Highly Recommend it!

  • My husband and I used to eat out quite a lot. This January I wanted a reset for my body, our routine, and our lifestyle. I will admit that I’ve always been skeptical about “diets” that I viewed as extreme because I didn’t think they were sustainable. When I came across your meal plan I knew I could do this. The reviews were so positive, I loved how organized the plans were with shopping lists provided. I was desperate for change and I’m so glad that I did. The meals are set up in such a way that it doesn’t feel like you’re endlessly cooking every single meal for 30 days. My husband and I worked together in the kitchen and have come to really value that time each evening I lost over 10 pounds and felt wonderful every day. I always felt satiated and energized. We have already gone through the recipes for each week and pulled out our favorites to create our own meal plans moving forward. Thank you for all of the effort you put into creating this plan and thank you for sharing!

  • Hi there-
    This has been the absolute best for our family. The recipes are all delicious. How do I get your other weeks meal plans with shopping lists? I see you’ve completed them for a 2017 and 2018, will you also be adding new ones this year?

    Thank you, from a very busy mama 🙂

  • Hello! I just started Whole30 and received Week 1. So far so good thanks to your guide! Seriously a life saver! I am looking to plan ahead for Weeks 2, 3 and 4. Is there someway to receive all of the guides at one time?

    Thank you for making this Whole30 as easy as possible! It is much appreciated!

  • Hello,
    Is there anyway I can get all 4 weeks of the meal plan at one time? I would like to buy all of my pantry and meat in bulk.

  • Hi,

    I was just wondering if this plan is for losing weight or for improving health?

    I’m not looking to lose weight; I just want a plan to help get my diet into a more healthy shape…

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hi there – it’s not necessarily intended to be a weight loss plan, although a lot of people do lose weight doing a Whole30. Our meal plan is not designed to restrict calories or carbs. You just have to figure out how many servings of the meals you need to eat to feel satiated. The Whole30 program is meant to help you eliminate common irritants to optimal health for a period of 30 days, and then add them back in slowly, one at a time, to help you listen to your body’s wisdom. Hope that helps!

  • I’m not sure what happened but we never received week 1 and 2 meal plans. We received a lot of “tip” emails and we received week 3 but that’s it. Hoping we can still get the first two weeks? Thanks for your help!

  • This website has been such a HUGE help to me! When I was first thinking of starting the Whole 30 I was floundering on what I was going to eat until I found this! Everything ive made has been beyond delicious and super easy to make!
    Thank you guys for this! You made the Whole 30 a fun experience instead of the heartache i thought it might be.
    Onto week 3!

  • Wow, this is really helpful. Meal planning is my downfall, so this gives me hope that I might actually get through this Whole30!

  • Hi – I’ve sent two emails to get the download of the Whole30 meal plans, recipes and shopping list and it still hasn’t arrived in my mailbox. I have checked my spam & trash folders and it isn’t there either. Can you please send?

  • Hello,
    I cant wait to start the Whole 30. I have signed up and have not yet received the week one meal plan along with the week one shopping list. Is there a link in my email to click on to get it to print out?

  • I am on my third week of your Whole30 plan. I’m looking forward to the fourth week. I am considering going another four weeks of Whole30 before I move into your Paleo plan. Will you be offering an additional four weeks of Whole30, or is this the only four week Whole30 plan you will have? I hope you have more, because I love the taste and simplicity in the first plan.

  • I have signed up before but for some reason didn’t get the 3rd and 4th week. I have signed up again I just wanted you to know what was going on. Thank You!

  • Thank You Thank you Thank you
    I just finished my first round of Whole30 using your plan and it was excellent. The menu was very easy to follow, the shopping list helpful and the recipes were very easy to follow and complete and so yummy. I have my favorites that I will be using again and again. I am thinking of doing a second round of Whole30 and then I am excited to purchase your Paleo recipe plans. I cant wait to see the tasty recipes it provides.

    I have told numerous friends and customers at my work about your site and meal plans. I highly recommend it to everyone. You are easy to follow and the part where you genuinely care is really sweet and helpful.
    Thank you again for being there and supporting me on my journey.

  • Sorry if this question has been asked, but I didn’t see it anywhere. Are any of the meals freezable? And if so for how long? I did not scale back the recipes enough for just one person.

    • Hey there! Many of the meals should be ok to freeze – some may thaw a little better than others. They’ll probably last in the freezer for a month or two I’d think. We don’t typically freeze our recipes ourselves because we mostly just make what we need on hand. However, we’ve had some of our readers and followers freeze them as part of their meal prep strategy with success. Some things like zucchini noodle and cauliflower recipes may not thaw as well and get watery, but most of the recipes should be fine. Let us know how it goes!

      • Hi,
        If I’m just planning to use the Meal Plan for myself, do you recommending halving the portions on the recipes? And if I do that, will there still be enough for a leftover portion the next day?

        Thank you so much for putting together these amazing resources!

  • Thank you so much for this awesome meal plan!

    I was wondering if anyone knows of an *affordable* place to buy Whole30 complaint bacon?? On the Whole30 website it suggests a site, but its $18.99 for a pound and a half (yowza!). Just wondering if anyone found any other cheaper places to buy compliant bacon/meats in general??

    Thanks so much!

    • Whole Foods comes close with a brand called WELLSHIRE. It’s organic and, I believe, grass fed…but not grass finished. If you want true W30-compliant bacon, I know that Belcampo offers it (they are a farm, store and restaurant) but I’m not sure if you could find an outlet near you. Perhaps find them online and see if they ship…?

      The owners of this site just posted a reply to my last comment and also listed a few resources that ship as well. Good luck!

  • Hello,
    I’m on week 3 of your amazingly helpful, free plan and I had a couple questions / need major advice on execution planning.

    First, despite the meticulous organization and attention to detail in your remarkable system, I’m still finding it hard to accomplish the weekly task of making meals on time. Particularly, I’m finding that shopping for the ingredients each weekend requires a stop at 3 different stores (organic meat butcher, whole foods, trader joes because no single store carries all that I need). The purchase, prepping and putting away of all these groceries takes up a near full day. Next, the Do-Ahead-Meals (love them and I’d die without doing them ahead) also take up a full day. But, even then, I’m not done doing all of them. Altogether, the weekly effort takes up MY ENTIRE WEEKEND. And, that’s not sustainable. I’m doing it now, but my kids are already complaining about this lost weekend time. Doing the meals in advance is critical for our family. So suggesting that I do some of them ahead and others on the day of is not realistic given my work demands and hours.

    IS THERE A BETTER/FASTER WAY? I’m open to ALL suggestions.

    Second, several of your most delicious recipes ask for chorizo. Well, I’ve been having a heck of a time finding organic chorizo anywhere. This local organic butcher has it…sometimes. But I’d love to find a more reliable, ongoing solution. Do you have any recommends? Perhaps somewhere online?

    Thank you in advance!!

    • Hey there! The shopping and prep are definitely pretty cumbersome for doing a Whole30 like this since it’s breakfast/lunch/dinner for every single day, especially if your work week requires that you do all the prep and making ahead over the weekend. Just know that once your Whole30 is done, hopefully you will have found some new favorite recipes that can become weekly staples (focusing on the quickest, easiest and most well-liked by your family). That should inherently speed up your prep time and effort. Here are some other ideas for reclaiming some sanity and time:

      1) Once you know what types of recipes you enjoy the most, consider stocking your freezer with more meat, poultry, etc. that you expect to use regularly. We have an extra freezer dedicated solely to having our favorite animal proteins on hand. We get a half a pig and cow about twice a year to have our freezer stocked and then get organic chicken in bulk at Costco. So, you could look for a local farmer or two who you could buy directly from, and then stock your freezer so you don’t have to go to the butcher every week for quality meats – that should cut out one of your grocery stops.

      2) Consider the recipes you love and note all of the staple pantry items – things like coconut aminos, fish sauce, canned tuna, coconut oil, etc. and consider shopping for those in bulk at either Costco or Thrive Market online (or somewhere similar), and having more of a stocked pantry on hand. Then, you shouldn’t need to go to Whole Foods as often for specialty items that they don’t carry at Trader Joe’s. If you have never heard of Thrive Market it is an online grocery store that is kind of like Whole Foods meets Costco – you can sign up here and try 2 months free.

      3) For chorizo specifically, we get the brand Mulay’s from our local Natural Grocers store. Here is a link to buy it online.

      4) There are some meal delivery companies that deliver Paleo and Whole30 approved recipes/groceries, so that could be an option. Here is a link to the Whole30 approved options. This would cut out the grocery shopping and depending which companies are available in your area, maybe even some prep work too.

      5) You might consider making double batches of some recipes to freeze the second batch, and then all you’ll have to do is defrost and reheat during another week. An example is that say this week you make two batches of a breakfast casserole and freeze one batch. And maybe you make two batches of another larger recipe that would be suitable for freezing – this can be simple stuff like you make a huge batch of spaghetti meat sauce to freeze. Next, week all you have to do is defrost, reheat and spiralize zucchini to enjoy it and breakfast is also already taken care of. Maybe you can get into a cadence that makes it feel like less work.

      Hope that helps! Let us know what you think and if you have any other questions.

      • Wow! This is excellent advice. Thank you for all your generosity and kindness in sharing your expertise, resources and time.

        Btw, thanks to your fantastic Whole30-friendly plan, my partner has lost 10 lbs without even trying. I haven’t kicked the alcohol yet (so hard to forego a glass of wine or cold beer) but I’ve also lost 7 lbs and getting closer to my ideal lifestyle physique. THANK YOU.

        • You are very welcome! We’re so happy to hear both you and your partner have found our meal plan helpful for making some impactful lifestyle changes! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment and share your experience with us! We appreciate it! Keep us posted, and don’t be stranger! 🙂

  • If anyone out there is on the fence about Whole30 this blog and meal plan is a game changer! My husband and I were overwhelmed by thought of all the rules and trying to find what is compliant and not without getting bored of eating the same thing everyday. Real Simple Good to the rescue! We loved every meal and really never felt like we were missing out on anything. The food was so flavorful and the weekly emails really spelled out how to get everything done without getting overwhelmed. 5 Stars…10/10….AMAZING!

    • Thanks so much Sarah for this great review! We are SOOOO happy you found our meal plan helpful and delicious! You made our day with your kind words, and we really appreciate it! We hope you enjoy the summer meal plan, too! 🙂

  • Hello,
    Thank you for this incredible meal plan. Your organization, your well-thought-out printability feature (complete with images) and gorgeous pictures are all contributing to making this one of THE BEST sites for Whole30 beginners. Truly, I thank you for taking the enormous amount of time to create these recipes, take the images and make this content for us…for free.

    I’m a single mom and attempting to this Whole30 change is daunting without meal prep and detailed planning. So…please know that your site absolutely giving me the tools to start the plan altogether.


    Just a quick question…Is there a weekly shopping list to coincide with each week’s recipes?

    Thanks again. You guys are amazing.

    • Lily,

      Thanks so much for the kind words! We are glad to help and sincerely hope our plans help to make your Whole30 a success.

      Regarding the shopping list, if you just click the button on the page saying “Send me a FREE Whole30 meal plan” and enter your name and email, we’ll send you all of the recipes and shopping lists for each week in a nice little package. 🙂

    • Hello again!
      I signed up and got the first week’s complete package. THANK YOU! You know, i’ve been on your site for the last 24 hours (pretty solidly) and each time I saw the button that says, “Send Me a Whole 30 Meal Plan”, I thought it meant just the 30-day list of foods (not a full package of recipes, shopping lists, etc). Granted, I didn’t read the page word-for-word, but rather skimmed it. But I just thought I’d let you know.

      On another note… Do you have any 30-day plans that are Anti-inflammatory Friendly? Or even Vegetarian? A big ask, I know, but I’m about to link to you through the main W30 site and wanted to be able to say… (but I’m personally interested too!).


  • I signed up and have started week one, I’m on day 4 today. Can I expect week 2s menu in the next day or two?

    • Hey there! Yes, the next meal plan should arrive on the 21st, and then the following week 7 days later and the last one 7 days after that. Add our email address to your contacts to make sure it comes through your inbox. support(at)realsimplegood(dot)com

  • What if I have a very picky eater? I talked my husband into doing this with me but he is very picky is there a way to customize the meal plans? or do we do that on our own?

    • Hi Kayla! The meal plan is a set menu, but it is easy to substitute ingredients or entire meals if you desire. The shopping list and recipes are clearly labeled so it’s easy to remove recipes each week and modify as you see fit. Hope that helps!

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