Supergreen Tarts

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Prep Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 12 tarts
Author: Justin + Erica Winn
These no-bake Supergreen Tarts are a healthy treat to enjoy and sneak more greens! 
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For the crust:

For the filling:

For the toppings:

  • shredded unsweetened coconut
  • cacao nibs


  • Place all of the crust ingredients in a food processor and process continuously until the mixture is grainy and sticks together. 
  • Line a regular sized muffin tin with parchment or silicone liners and dump large spoonfuls of the crust into the bottom of each liner. Press the crust into the bottoms of the liners. Set aside. (You can also use a mini muffin pan or a combo of the two)
  • Wipe out the food processor with a paper towel. Then, place all of the filling ingredients inside. Pulse until all of the ingredients are smooth and creamy. You may need to stop and scrape the sides down a couple times. 
  • Spoon out the filling into each liner and spread it out with the back of the spoon. 
  • Add desired toppings, and place in the freezer to set for at least an hour. Once set, remove from liners and store in a freezer-safe airtight container in the freezer.