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Editorial Policy

Our overall philosophy

Our mission is to create healthy, real food based recipes that taste amazing. To do this, we build our recipes around unprocessed or minimally processed ingredients. We try to use everyday ingredients that you can find at your local grocery store and make our recipes easy to follow.

We try to create healthy recipes that anyone can make – and everyone can enjoy.

Recipe testing

We have personally created and tested every single recipe on this website. Yes, that’s 700+ recipes and 8+ years of work!

Most of our recipes are tested at least 3 (or more) times in our home kitchen. Some take a lot more testing to get things just right. We create and test all of the recipes we publish to personally ensure the recipe meets our standards of taste, quality and ease of preparation.

We also continue to make our recipes over the years so a handful of our favorite recipes on Real Simple Good have been tested 50+ times!

When we test our recipes, we always do the following:

  • Purchase each of the ingredients to ensure they are available.
  • Measure and double check quantities.
  • Track the prep and total time to prepare each recipe.

We also incorporate feedback from our readers after a recipe is published and update our recipes as needed. If you discover an error or issue with one of our recipes, please let us know! We want our recipes to be accurate and work for everyone.


The content on Real Simple Good is 100% created and written by either Justin Winn or Erica Winn.

Not only do we create and test every recipe, we write each blog post. Since we know each recipe intimately, we are able to provide tips, tools, serving recommendations and insight that no one else can.

Our blog posts are written with the reader in mind, to provide you with information about the recipe that you can’t find in the recipe itself.

This insight might be:

  • A specific kitchen tool to use.
  • Notes on ingredients or ingredient substitution options.
  • Things we tried during recipe testing that didn’t work (so you can avoid them).
  • Storage and reheating advice.
  • Time-saving tips.

Our goal is to clearly pass along useful information about the recipe in our blog posts. We hope you appreciate and enjoy our efforts!

Comment Policy

We welcome and value reader comments and feedback on our recipes. As mentioned above, we review and incorporate feedback from our readers when it is helpful to others.

We encourage a respectful and relevant dialogue and comments. However, we do not tolerate threatening, defamatory, irrelevant, derogatory, hateful, or offensive statements and/or comments. We reserve the right to remove comments that do not meet our standards. The removal of any comment shall be solely at the discretion of the owners of Real Simple Good.

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