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Thrive Market Review: Benefits of a Thrive Membership + Favorites

In this honest Thrive Market review, we share some insight on potential savings, shopping tips and our Thrive Market favorites. Plus, we answer the question – is the annual Thrive Market membership cost worth it? 

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If you’re not familiar with Thrive Market, it’s a membership-based website featuring organic brands, many natural products and health foods. It’s kind of like an online Costco featuring healthy food and healthy home products. You’ll find a lot of pantry staples, baking supplies, healthy snacks & desserts, clean home goods and healthy personal care products (similar to products that can be found at specialty food stores like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s or Natural Grocers). They also recently started selling grass-fed beef, sustainable seafood, organic chicken and pasture-raised pork. They also offer Thrive Market brand products (similar to Kirkland brand at Costco) that are similar to the other name brand products they offer.

Have you decided that you’re ready to try Thrive Market and don’t want to read the entire review? Use our link to start shopping at Thrive Market today and get 25% off your first order and a free 30-day trial membership! (We do make a small commission if you join Thrive Market through our link. We are committed to sharing only the brands and partners we love and use in our own home. We appreciate your support of Real Simple Good and our partners.

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Our honest Thrive Market Review

We have personally been Thrive Market members for a couple of years and recommend it to others. We find it convenient to order certain specialty items we use regularly online (think coconut aminos, fish sauce, mayo, baking flours, etc.) so they are always stocked in our cupboard. Plus, we do think the products are slightly cheaper (more detail on that later) and you will recover your annual membership fee of $59.95 if you make a handful of purchases during the year. Also, when you factor in the convenience of shopping online vs. driving around to multiple stores to find healthy specialty brands and products, it really is a no-brainer! Time is a precious commodity that you definitely have to take into account when considering your shopping options and costs vs. savings of shopping online vs. going to the store.

So is Thrive Market worth the membership cost?

Let’s be clear, there is an annual fee of $59.95 that you will pay to shop online at Thrive Market. They do offer a free 30-day trial membership though so you can make as many orders as you want during that period to check out the product offerings, do some price comparisons and see if you like the service. However, you will need to enter a credit card and the annual fee will be charged automatically. If you don’t want the membership you have to cancel it before the 30-day trial period expires. 

Some Comparison Shopping

For 10 of our favorite pantry products, we compared Thrive Market prices to prices for the exact same products at other stores like Walmart, Target, Safeway, Whole Foods, etc. We comparison shopped a few stores and picked the lowest price for comparison.

  • Coconut Secret Coconut Aminos – Thrive Market $4.99 / Other $6.49
  • Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil Mayo – Thrive Market $7.49 / Other $9.99
  • Red Boat Fish Sauce – Thrive Market $7.49 / Other $9.99
  • Siete Tortilla Chips – Thrive Market $4.39 / Other $4.99
  • Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil – Thrive Market $9.79 / Other $12.95
  • Native Forest Simple Coconut Milk – Thrive Market $2.49 / Other $2.85
  • Bare Bones Beef Bone Broth – Thrive Market $5.99 / Other $9.99
  • Simple Mills Crackers – Thrive Market $5.49 / Other $6.99
  • Thai Red Curry Paste – Thrive Market $4.49 / Other $5.99
  • Mediterranean Roasted Red Peppers – Thrive Market $2.49 / Other $3.69

As you can see above, Thrive Market is generally a little cheaper than other big-box stores. For the above products, you’d save $18.82 in total if you purchased them all at Thrive Market vs. other stores. Thus, if you make a few purchases like this, you will quickly recover the $59.95 annual membership fee.

Have you decided that you’re ready to try Thrive Market and don’t want to read the rest of the review? Use our link to start shopping at Thrive Market today and get 25% off your first order and a free 30-day trial membership!

Some other Thrive Market features

As you can see by our review and comparison shopping notes above, we recommend signing up for a Thrive Market membership if you are a regular purchaser of healthy food and home goods! In addition, Thrive Market has some neat features we wanted to point out that make shopping very convenient and will save you time and effort.

    • Thrive Market has a convenient feature on their website that allows you to easily sort and filter products and pages by dietary needs. Just filter your page to only show products that are compliant with the diet you are looking for (Gluten-free, Organic, Paleo, AIP, Keto, Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw)
    • A handy feature Thrive Market offers is the ability to set any product to automatically autoship monthly. Do you find that you go through certain products each month and don’t want to keep adding them to your shopping list? Just set them to autoship on Thrive and they’ll be delivered at the same time each month! This is really convenient for pantry staples like almond butter, coconut aminos, snacks, etc. Also, it can work for certain home goods and personal care products (toothpaste, deodorant, tampons, supplements, soap, etc.).Once you set up autoship, you do have to remember to cancel any products you don’t want before the next scheduled ship date. This is something to keep in mind when using this feature.
  • KITS:
    • Another neat thing Thrive Market offers are kits. We really like the starter kits, which generally contain 5-10 staple & popular products from categories such as Paleo, Whole30, Vegan, Keto, AIP, etc. These are perfect for people just starting out and looking to stock their pantry with compliant products. Thrive also has other great kits that package products in categories such as home cleaning, spices, gluten-free baking, snacks and best sellers.
    • Who doesn’t like a free gift every now and then? Occasionally when you order, Thrive Market will throw in a product absolutely free! This is a unique gift from Thrive that lets you try out something that you might not have normally ordered!

Some other considerations

In doing this Thrive Market review, one thing became clear to us. Price is not the only thing to consider when deciding where to shop. We hear from our followers and Meal Plan users all the time that the biggest obstacle to eating healthy is TIME. The time to plan, time to find recipes, time to shop, time to cook. It all takes TIME. We love that Thrive Market offers quality, organic products that fit within our Paleo lifestyle. However, we feel that the #1 benefit of shopping with Thrive is saving time on shopping! We cook almost every meal at home, live in the country and shop at 3-4 different stores in town. Using Thrive Market for some products usually saves us a trip to at least one store a week and that is such a game changer for us!

Have you decided that you’re ready to try Thrive Market and don’t want to read the rest of the review? Use our link to start shopping at Thrive Market today and get 25% off your first order and a free 30-day trial membership!

Now onto our favorites

In addition to our honest Thrive Market review, we wanted to share some of our favorite products that we actually purchase from Thrive Market. Browse through the different sections below to get an idea of just how much Thrive Market has to offer!

Some Real Simple Good Thrive Market Favorites

Whole30 Starter Kit 

We are HUGE fans of the Whole30 program and you should check out our Whole30 Meal Plans if you haven’t already! We partnered with Thrive Market to make a unique Real Simple Good Whole30 Starter Kit to go along with our meal plans. The starter kit features staple pantry products that you will use along with the meal plans so go ahead and stock up after you sign up for one of our Whole30 Meal Plans!

thrive market review whole30 starter kit image with products and text at the top

Here is the direct link to our Thrive Market Whole30 Starter Kit. The kit includes the following products:

Real Simple Good Favorites Page

We also teamed with Thrive Market to create our own Favorites Page. This page features most of the products we use regularly in our recipes and at home.

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Here is the direct link to our Thrive Market Favorites Page.

Pantry Staples

Here are some of our favorite Thrive Market Pantry Staples:

thrive market review pantry staples image with products and text at the top

Balsamic Vinegar – Use it for an easy salad dressing or marinade ingredient

Chipotle Lime Mayo – Add this as a topping for bowls or dip it with some plantain chips

Avocado Oil – Light and clean tasting, this is our go-to cooking oil

Coconut Milk – We use this in coffee and for creamy sauces

Fish Sauce – Adds incredible umami flavor to any dish

Ghee – A Whole30 approved cooking oil to add buttery flavor

Coconut Aminos – A less-salty soy sauce alternative

Apple Cider Vinegar – Vinegar with amazing health benefits

Olive Oil – We use it in dressings and sauces

Sesame Oil – Cooking oil to use for Asian-inspired dishes

Healthy Snacks

Here are some of our favorite Thrive Market Healthy Snacks:

thrive market review healthy snacks image with products and text at the top

Siete Nacho Tortilla Chips – Delicious chips with a “cheesy” flavor

Epic Bars – Our go-to travel meat sticks/bars

Plant Snacks – Light and crispy chips made from yuca root

Pork Rinds – Chili sea salt flavored crispy pork rinds

Jilz Crackerz – A crispy and savory Paleo snack option

Raw Cashews – Grab a handful for a quick and easy snack

Graze Sticks – Another travel-friendly meat stick option

Paleo Snack Mix – Ranch flavored finger lickin’ goodness

Sea Snax – A crunchy and salty healthy snack

Simple Mills Crackers – A true “cracker” texture that holds up to dips

Healthy Treats

Here are some of our favorite Thrive Market Healthy Treats:

thrive market review healthy treats image with products and text at the top

Hu Chocolate Bar – Real cacao chocolate bar

Banana Crisps – Goji berry and chia seeds give these superfood base

Cashew Cookies – Thin and crispy cashew chocolate cookies

Granola – Salty and sweet treat made with sprouted seeds

Cacao Nib Bites – Naturally sweetened with dates and honey

Fruit Bars – A bar made with just apple and mango, that’s it

Apricot Pecan Bites – A crunchy, salty, sweet treat

Cinnamon Cookies – Delicious chewy cinnamon cookies

Coconut Butter Cups – Caramel and sea salt bite-sized treats

Chocolate Chip Cookies – A healthier version of an old favorite

Baking Basics

Here are some of our favorite Thrive Market Baking Basics:

thrive market review baking basics image with products and text at the top

Shredded Coconut – Unsweetened coconut flakes for toppings and treats

Pizza Dough Mix – An easy to make Paleo friendly mix

Cacao Powder – Pure unsweetened cacao for pure chocolate flavor

Coconut Oil – Sustainably harvested pure coconut oil

Maple Syrup – Naturally sweeten your desserts with grade A syrup

• Almond Butter – Perfect for those salty-sweet treats

Almond Flour – Moist texture and rich, buttery flavor

Tapioca Flour – A great alternative for corn starch

Arrowroot Powder – A superb binder in baked goods

Cassava Flour – Replace regular flour 1 to 1 with this flour

Home Goods

Here are some of our favorite Thrive Market Home Goods:

thrive market review home goods image with products and text at the top

Laundry Detergent – Concentrated and made without fragrances or dyes

Toilet Bowl Cleaner – Natural cleaner made from oils and citric acid

Bees Wrap – A plastic wrap alternative made with cotton and beeswax

Dish Soap – Hypoallergenic and non-toxic dish soap

Dryer Balls – 100% wool balls that naturally soften fabrics



Personal Care Products

Here are some of our favorite Thrive Market Personal Care Products:

thrive market review personal care products image with products and text at the top

Toothpaste – Activated charcoal based whitening toothpaste

Hand Soap – Essential oil based foaming soap without harsh chemicals

Tampons – Non-chlorine bleached 100% cotton tampons

Foundation – Made from gluten-free, vegan, all-natural minerals

Pain Relief Gel – Homeopathic, non-greasy, cooling soothing gel


4 thoughts on “Thrive Market Review: Benefits of a Thrive Membership + Favorites

  • Just starting a medically necessary Paleo diet and have been totally lost as to how to begin? Your site has been extremely helpful and provided resources as well! Thank you so much!! Recipes are great if you know what the ingredients are and how to get them! Thanks again.

  • Ugh! Was excited to find your website and loved so much about it until I realized you are affiliated with Thrive Market. They are such a dishonest company. Tricking people with their membership fees, not refunding items that are spoiled, and the prices are either the same as local stores or more expensive. Very deceitful company. Read their reviews from non-affiliated sites.

    • Lynda – Thanks for sharing your opinion. We’ve personally had nothing but positive experiences with Thrive and we were members long before we became affiliates with them. In our opinion, the membership fees are clear and worth the price and the product prices are competitive. We love the convenience of being able to get quality products delivered to our door and cut some of the hassle out of shopping. Hopefully you enjoy our website and recipes.

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